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blank notecards

Blank note cards are a great way to share Keith Wilde art.  You will enjoy sending these beautiful cards as much as the recipient will enjoy getting them.  Cards come in a variety pack of 6.

Options:  Watercolor series or Linwood Series.



Rose Cluster

Bring a little spring into your home and enjoy the play of light on these beautiful rose clusters. High quality reproduction of a Keith Wilde original watercolor.  Unframed.

Size:  20" x 24"



Radiant Yellow

Enjoy the details of the wings or brighten any room with this high quality reproduction of a Keith Wilde original watercolor.  Unframed.

Size:   16" x 16"




Would you like a custom painting, drawing or sculpture piece of Keith Wilde art?  It's more affordable than you think.

Keith is happy to consult with you on project ideas.  


50% deposit required for all commissions.



ARTIST for Hire

Concept art for interior design, landscaping projects, building design and more.  Keith Wilde can bring your project to life.  


Cost:  flat rate based on size, medium and time.

Simple solutions for your parties or events.  Keith Wilde is happy to come to your parties or events to offer face painting, caricatures, team building art projects and more.


Cost:  $40-50/hr with 2 hour minimum.



Card Game

Enjoy fun and strategy in this original game designed by Keith Wilde.  Art created for this project with kids at Athens High School as part of the Upgrade Athens initiative.


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