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Athens Mural Trails

Coming In Spring 2023:  more maps collecting Athens, Ohio's murals into curated trails for the community to explore. Until then, enjoy the curated collection of Athens' mural art and walking maps for East Side and Uptown mural trails. (Click the purple, red, and green pins below to learn more.) 

Murals of Athens

Click on the pins to learn more about individual murals


East Side Mural Map / Draft 1

November 20, 2022

The East Side Mural Trial is a 2.7-mile-long trail connecting 18 murals in a loop that starts at the Athens Public Library. The trail will carry you through residential and commercial sections of this cozy and relatively flat neighborhood. Plan to spend a minimum of two hours walking and taking in the murals. If you have time to spare, grab a drink or stop for a meal along the way. You could easily spend half the day on a stroll full of delights.

Distances are approximations useful for gauging your time and energy. They should not be used for precise navigation.

Cats Love Butterflies_D.jpg


  1. Athens Public Library @ 30 Home Street

  2. Native Ephemorals @ 78 S May Avenue | Note: This is on a garage in the backyard. Head south along the alley between Hudson and South May | Distance from starting point: 0.2 miles

  3. Self-Organizing Community @ 8 Lincoln Street

  4. Sun Flowers @ 85 S May Avenue | Distance from starting point: 0.3 miles

  5. Athens Bicycle @ 2 Cornwell Street | Note: S May to Morris, Morris to Cornwell – it is about half a mile; as Cornwell connects to Stimson, look back toward Morris and you will see this mural | Distance from starting point: 0.7 miles

  6. Rollerbowl @ 28 Palmer Street | Note: This large mural is about a block off Stimson Avenue    

  7. Athens Brick Workers @ 22 West Stimson Avenue

  8. 24/7 @ 13 Stimson Avenue

  9. Farmacy @ 28 Stimson Avenue

  10. Release @ 91 E State Street | Note: Corner of Stimson and E State | Distance from starting point: 1 mile

  11. Cats Love Butterflies @ 16 Morris Avenue | Note: Easy to see from Jagers Funeral Home

  12. Rainbow Tree @ 2 Maplewood Drive | Distance from starting point: 1.5 miles

  13. Hummingbirds @ 71 Sunnyside Drive        

  14. Athens Impact @ 264 E State        

  15. Village Bakery @ 268 E State        

  16. Athens Bread @ 282 ½ E State        

  17. Mirth @ 284 E State | Distance from starting point: 2 miles

  18. Goldfish @ 8 Tulane Road

  19. Pizza Slice @ 392 E State

       FINISH BACK WHERE YOU STARTED: Athens Public Library
       Distance from starting point: 2.7 miles

Tonys Bar_Sidewalk View.jpg


Uptown Mural Map / Draft

November 29, 2022

Enjoy Uptown Athens and its many delights as you encounter what may be the most diverse collection of murals in Athens.  You will discover small back ally graffiti style art, large professional murals, student-driven creations, and so much more. This trail is approximately 1.6 miles long. You could speed through it in an hour, but one should really give it some time.



  1. Parking Garage @ 7 E Washington Street

  2. Real Detective near Brenen's Coffee @ 38 S Court Street | Note: In the ally to the right, or south, of Brenen’s, several small images appear halfway down the ally on your right, or south.

  3. Ohio University Graffiti Wall @ Corner of Richland Avenue and Mulberry Street    

  4. Real Detective near The Union @ 18 W Union Street | Note: This is visible from the ally behind The Union, from S Congress Street. First ally to the right past Fusion Noodle Company. On a back patio.    

  5. International Athens @ 26 S Congress | Note: This billboard is visible on S Congress as you look south and east; it's halfway between W Union and Washington Street.    

  6. Labor Union Mural @ 11 N Court Street | Note: visible from the parking next to Lucky’s Sports Tavern

  7. Tony’s Tavern @ 7 W State Street

  8. Level 42 @ 42 W Carpenter Street

  9. Armory Park @ 2 W Carpenter | Note: This is painted on the back of the Family Dollar building, about where Carpenter and Court Streets meet.

  10. Carpenter Hall @ 19 E Carpenter Street

  11. Passion Works @ 20 E State Street

  12. Hooka Bar @ 9 ½ Mill Street

  13. Berry Hotel @ 18 N Court | Note: This is painted on the back of Hang Over Easy; look toward Court Street from College Street.

  14. Athens Photo Project @ 7 E Washington | Note: This is a rotating display of photos from the Athens Photo Project.

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